Elizabeth Bacon is a photographer and artist, but at the core of that is conveying a message and storytelling. She desires to use her gifts to further the Kingdom through the avenues of non-profits, missions, and humanitarian photography! Elizabeth is passionate about merging the arts + culture + the gospel. She uses the mediums of film + digital photography, oil paintings, and mixed media to convey social justice issues and instill dignity to people groups all over the world.

Professional photographs and imagery are vital tools for fundraising, social media, website development, raising awareness, etc. The beauty of visual arts is that it transcends language and cultural barriers, speaking straight to the heart.

Elizabeth has photographed for various organizations around the world, such as “City of Children” in Mexico, “Cooperative Outreach of India” in New Delhi India, “Sustaining A Village EveryDay” in Haiti, "Mountain Child" in Nepal, "Delight Ministries", "Work of Worth", and “Lifeline Adoption Agency” in the US. She runs her business, EB Photography + Artistry, out of her studio in Birmingham, Alabama.